Published On : Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Which plastic material is banned and what is not?

NAGPUR: The State government has relaxed the ban on plastic materials for few more months. The articles of daily use have been exempted from the ban.

Nagpur Today has compiled a list of banned and non-banned items to make it convenient for its readers.

What is banned?

· Disposable bowls

· Plastic containers

· Thermocol plates

· Plastic bags

· Straw

· Disposable glasses

· Saline bottles

· Plastic cover on biscuits and potato chips

· Thermocol sheet for decoration

· Plastic-laminated plates

What is not banned?

· Plastic bags to carry food items and grains

· Plastic pen

· 50 Micron-plus plastic bags for milk

· Plastic bags used in nursery

· Thermocol for packaging purpose

· Plastic raincoat

· Thermocol box for medicines

· Plastic use of manufacturing units