Published On : Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

Video: Goon murdered in Ganga Jamuna Red-light area, three accused arrested

Nagpur: Old rivalry and constant harassment led the victims to join hands and eliminate the perpetrator. In a pre-planned murder, three accused connived and murdered a notorious goon by slitting his throat in Ganga Jamuna Red-light area in the wee hours of November 16, 2016. The deceased is identified as notorious goon Raja Ganthdya alias Rajesh Suresh Belekar.

The cops of Lakhadganj Police Station have arrested three accused in the case. The accused are

  • Roshan Shankar Chaurasia aged 26 years and a resident of Pardi
  • Sonu Omprakash Sakhre aged 26 years and a resident of Khadan Jyoti Nagar
  • Santosh alias Balu Paras Shivas aged 28 years and a resident of Gosavi Akhada

Sources claimed that, two days ago, there was a heated argument between Raja Ganthdya and Roshan Shankar Chaurasia over Rs 7000/- Is it presumed that this amount could have been the cause of the murder.

Police sources added that Raja Ganthdya used to run a paid cycle-stand in Ganga Jamuna Red-light area in the city. Raja Ganthdya is accused in three prior murder cases.

On the other hand Roshan Shankar Chaurasia runs a hired autorickshaw. Sonu Sakhre is said to be a close friend of Roshan Chuarasia. Balu Shrivas was working for some time in the paid cycle-stand in Ganga Jamuna Red-light area. Raja Ganthdya had allegedly lent some money to Roshan Chaurasia and was constantly demanding the money back. Raja Ganthdya had threatened Roshan Chaurasia that if he is unable to pay back the amount, he should start working for him in the paid cycle-stand in Ganga Jamuna Red-light area. However, when Roshan refused to work in his cycle stand, Raja Ganthdya threatened to kill him. Roshan felt threatened and reported the matter to his friend identified as Sonu Sakhre who used to run a Pan-Kiosk. Sources claimed that even Sonu was fed up with Raja Ganthdya and his threats. Both of these accused joined hands and then incorporated a good friend and associate of Raja Ganthdya too. Two days ago, Raja Ganthdya had bashed up Balu Shrivas too.

Modus operandi of crime
Having planned to eliminate Raja Ganthdya, the three accused laid in wait for him in the cycle stand. Early in the morning at around 6:15 am Raja Ganthdya arrived at the cycle stand and sat in a plastic chair kept there. Roshan and Sonu arrived at the spot on a motorcycle. Sources claimed that as soon as they arrived, they pounced on Raja Ganthdya. The accused started assaulting Raja Ganthdya with sharp edged weapons. Raja Ganthdya started running away from the spot but the accused Roshan and Sonu allegedly ran after him and slit his throat, killing him on the spot.

On being questioned Roshan and Sonu confessed to their role in the murder. Balu too had assaulted Raja Ganthdya. Raja Ganthdya had a fearful reputation in Ganga Jamuna area. Sources claimed that he used fleece and loot all those customers who used to emerge from the Badnam Galli (where commercial sex workers offer services). Raja Ganthdya was said to be involved in the murder of an Army Jawan. Raja and five of his co-accused had murdered the Army jawan. There are some more serious offences registered against Raja Ganthdya.