Published On : Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

Video: Skoda Octavia car turned to ashes in few minutes due to auto-combustion


Nagpur: A Skoda Octavia car turned to ashes in few minutes as it caught fire in Poonam Chambers Square late in the afternoon on November 16, 2016.

According to sources, the car belongs to Akram. He had brought the car to some garage situated nearby. A mechanic of the garage was taking a trial run of the car when he noticed smoke emanating from under the bonnet.

The garage driver immediately deserted the car and stood outside the car. Within minutes the entire car burnt to ashes. Some on-looker had called the fire department and a fire tender arrived to douse the fire. However, by that time the car had already turned to ashes. Not one part of the car remained intact.

The cops of Sadar Police Station have towed the car to Sadar Police Station and are investigating further.

Further details awaited.