Published On : Thu, Sep 1st, 2016

When sex between two consenting adults is not a crime as per our courts, why was Sandeep Kumar sacked? That too in twitter!

sandeep kumar“The prosecutrix was well above 18 years of age at all material times. Sexual intercourse between two adults of opposite sex with their free and voluntarily consent is no offence. There is no evidence that the accused disrobed the prosecutrix or threatened her or injured her,” Additional Sessions Judge Sarita Birbal said.

This is what our courts have to say about consensual sex between two adults in an unrelated, but recent case. An ‘adult’ the AAP Minister Sandeep Kumar clearly was/ is… though the timing of the CD is now under a question mark. There is an opinion that it might be from his college days. He does look different in the CD, what we can see of him that is, than he looks in real life now. There is nothing known about the woman in green, or the two women as some allege – whether they were ‘adults’ or not, but they certainly do not appear to be children or ABP would have told us so!

So why was Kejriwal and company in such a hurry to sack him as soon as they received a ‘dubious’ CD from a dubious channel ? Even the channel is not ready to swear that the CD is authentic – what they have aired so far hardly looks ‘illegal or objectionable’.


Unless having sex itself is a crime in our country these days – specially in our Capital? Since when have we become so puritanical or touch-me-nots?

What is so funny and wracks of hypocrisy is how ‘opposition leaders’ of BJP and Congress also jumped into the fray to condemn Sandeep Kumar.

It is alright for the two parties to have men accused of – and even convicted of rape! – but not OK for an Aam Aadmi Party Minister to have consensual sex even? What double standards…

The man concerned has taken it on his chin, though he does play the dalit card.
Mr Kumar, 36, who was the Women and Child Welfare Minister of Delhi, said he is not in the video but that he quit because “I will not let the AAP name be tainted” and his loyalty to the party remains undiminished. “I am AAP’s soldier now and forever,” he told reporters this morning, while stressing that he is not guilty of any wrongdoing. But he also said ,” I am facing these allegations because I am a Dalit.”

Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said action was taken against Mr Kumar within 30 minutes of the CD being received.

Strange happenings… it really seems time for AK to go on another round of Bipashana somewhere.
He seems to be crumbling under the stress.

To fire a Minister on twitter?? Come on Arvind – be fair to your ardent followers and supporters at least.

And mind you, this is the 3rd Minister he has fired since he became C.M. But this time he’s gone too far. As one journalist commented succinctly –

They called it sex scandal but didn’t explain what was so scandalous about a man and a woman having sex. That’s what men and women do.