Published On : Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

When guard turns eater! Inebriated cop beats LLB student

Dayashankar Tiwari and Vaibhav Dixit
Nagpur: In any city, state or country, the police have been appointed for the sole purpose of security of the citizens. What will happen when this guard itself turns your eater? Nagpur Police has given an example for the same.

Corporator Dayashankar Tiwari, whose video of abusing a policeman has gone viral, has opened several unturned pages of the whole matter in a Press Conference.

As narrated by Tiwari, Sunday night brought a black spot on the City police when a huge hullaballoo was witnessed after a policeman brutally hit a boy. As informed by Tiwari in a Press Conference held here on Monday, two friends Vaibhav Dixit and Aditya Thakur, both 24, were on their way to return a friend’s sound system when the incident happened. It was around 11.40 p.m. when they reached near Medical Square where police had installed barricades for checking. The duo recalled that they had to withdraw cash from ATM for which, Vaibhav, who was driving, took a U turn. The moment when he turned the bike, a policeman hidden in the dark, later identified as Kishore Ramesh Jadhav by Aditya Thakur, hit hard on Vaibhav’s head. Vaibhav is a LLB student.

Both the boys belong to renowned families of the city. Vaibhav’s father is a prominent criminal lawyer while Aditya’s is a government employee. After the incident, Dixit requested the police to let him call his parents, currently in Gayaji. The police, however, declined him to call them earlier. After several requests, the boy was allowed to call his relative- Ashish Dixit.

No medical assistance granted to the boy for an hour:
The boy was forcefully kept in Ganeshpet police station till his relative reached. For about an hour, he was kept in a bleeding condition and no medical assistance was given to him by the police. Panicked by the situation, Ashish Dixit called Dayashankar Tiwari who reached the police station as well.

On duty inspector showed no coordination:
When Tiwari reached the police station and showed his protest against the whole issue, a heated argument started between him and on-duty inspector Kandekar. Dayashankar Tiwari, when demanded an action against the policeman, Kandekar refused to take any action. He, however, later called 3-4 policemen for identification in whom; one was identified by Aditya as the one who had hit Vaibhav.

The policeman was drunk during the incident:
After being spotted, Kishore Ramesh Jadhav, started arguing again, claiming that the boys were drunk. However, after the medical examination, it was discovered that it was not the boys who were drunk but Jadhav himself.

A Blackmail game was played:
Kandekar, after witnessing the aggression of Tiwari, attempted to blackmail him stating that if he forced the police to take an action against Jadhav, they will be taking an action against him as well.

Nevertheless, Tiwari has stated that any action can be taken against him but action against Jadhav must be taken.

Apologising for the viral video, Tiwari said, “I know I was wrong on my part to use an abusive language. However, the situation was such that I lost control. I am ready to face consequences but, the whole picture must be clear. I also demand strict action against both the police officers failing which I will write to the CM”. He added that this is a case of highly irresponsible and punkish behaviour from the city police’s end.