Published On : Mon, May 25th, 2015

Whatsapp and Facebook are worst distractions for students: Arusha

Want to become an Aeronautical Engineer

Arusha Kelkar of Centre Point School, Katol Road who topped in the Science Stream scoring 97.04% in an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today said that Whatsapp and Facebook are the worst distractions for any student.


NT: Whom would you attribute this excellent score to?

Arusha: I give the credit of my success to my parents, School Principal, Teachers, Staff and my dear Sister. If it was not for them, I would not have attained this success. It was hard-work and a strong support system that led to my success.

NT: Hard work does pay. What special efforts did you take to achieve this wonderful score?

Arusha: I studied right from the first day. I studied day to day and completed what was taught in the school that day itself. No I did not do any planning or made a schedule with the days, time and subjects etc. I studied what I thought was important so that during the examinations, I would just need some revision.

NT: What are your hobbies? What do you do to get a break from your strenuous studies?

Arusha: I am six-time National Swimming Champion. I often go for swimming. Swimming helped me in concentrating on my studies. It helped me to remain focused. She claimed that swimming helps in making a person become a different personality.

NT: What are your ambitions? Why?

Arusha: I want to take up engineering and become an Aeronautical Engineer. This is also because former President Abdul Kalam is my inspiration and my role model.

NT: What was the role of your parents and siblings in your success?

Arusha: Both my parents and my sister had a valuable role to play. They used to take up all that was necessary to keep me from getting distracted and focus only on studies. My sister too played the role of a very supportive role.

NT: Did you take up any tuition for any subjects?

Arusha: I have joined the Bansal Coaching Classes for my admissions into Engineering, not for any subjects of my XIIth class.

NT: What would you advice your juniors?

Arusha: Every student should start right from the first day. Consistent hard work will yield its desired results in due time. Never lose your focus. She said that when I topped my Xth class with 98%, I had told my parents that they can gift me anything like ornaments, dresses and any other thing except a two-wheeler and a mobile phone. She claimed that these two things bring about a lot of distractions. She added that Whatsapp and Facebook are the worse distractions for students.