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    Published On : Sat, Oct 31st, 2015

    What women hate about men in bed!


    Thanks to god, women don’t tell us about our ‘flaws in bed’ right to our faces. If they did, most men would actually think a million times before boasting about their prowess in the sheets. Most likely, women just let it pass. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know where you are lacking. Here are 5 things you might be doing dead wrong in bed and have no idea about.

    1. You Skip Foreplay
    Come on, hold on bro! Sex is not just about penetration. It’s more about making her feel how badly you want her, and a passionate foreplay conveys just that. Touch her, tease her and make it a joyful ride for her till you do the boogie!

    2. You Are NOT Trying Anything New Because You Are Scared Of Experimenting
    Monotony is a killer! And if you are sticking to the same position and same foreplay methods, then well, we can bet she isn’t happy! Try new positions; kiss her in different ways even if you are hesitant to try. It will spice things up.

    3. You Are Scared Of Going Down On Her
    It’s just not fair for you to have all the fun. She deserves a tongue tornado just as much as you deserve a BJ! So beat the ‘no I don’t do that’ crap, go down on your lady and let her know you are a sport.

    4. You Don’t Ask What She Likes
    Sex doesn’t work with the principle of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’. Talk to her about her preferences, her likes and dislikes. This will not only make her comfortable but also make her think that she’s with a man who cares about her and isn’t focused only on the wambam!

    5. You Think Your Performance Is More Important Than Her Pleasure
    God damn this male ego! Think of your sessions as pleasure ‘giving’ and not just pleasure ‘seeking’ sessions. She doesn’t actually care how hard you were or how big your shaft is, it’s about how you made her feel.

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