Published On : Wed, Oct 21st, 2015

What symbolic Ravan Effigy would you burn? ‘Whatsapp’ and Facebook’ Youngsters reply!

Raavan Dahan
On Dashera, the effigy of Ravan is burnt publicly, with much fanfare all over India. We all know the story of how he kidnapped God Ram’s wife Sita and then a war was fought to rescue her, at the end of which Ravana lost his life. With all ten heads of his!

But now, we understand the symbolism behind it… Ravan ‘Dahan’ in a larger context means burning of all negative habits or evils that dampen our lives and make them worse.

Nagpur Today asked some youngsters what they would like their peer group to ‘burn’ tomorrow.

Here are some interesting, amazing and surprising replies:

Akash Katole, a young guy of 25, and an executive with a local company, who is very active in running NGOs and doing social work in and around Nagpur had this to say.

“I would burn the habit of over using social media like Whatsapp and even Facebook” replied Akash.

Elaborating on the subject he said, a small incident is blown out of proportion and magnified through the social media. No one’s life has remained private any more. What’s worse is it can be used with evil design also. You want to demolish someone’s character or reputation? Start a smear campaign against him or her through Whatsapp! In no time a complete untruth will also go viral and the desired evil end will be achieved.

Akash Katole & Mansi Shah

Akash Katole & Mansi Shah

Akash cited the example of the young girl who recently set herself on fire at Futala lake.

“There was so much speculation and rumours ran rife after the sad incident” says Akash. ” Even the local media joined in … some reported that two young guys were spotted running away from the spot; it was said her hands and mouth had been tied up – all this was completely false but it got circulated on social media and people began believing in it. Now the truth has come out that it was nothing of this sort. The girl is out of danger and recovering. After she comes back to normal life how is she going to face the backlash of all this; every action of her’s will be scrutinized and ‘reported’.” Rues her friend Akash.

“I know she is a normal, fun loving, bright girl… I hope people will just let her be” he concludes.

Another happening he did not relish is how some groups, even Foodie groups, sensationalized the death of another young girl who succumbed to Swine Flu recently.

“We had pure, 100% Foodie’s groups, posting ‘prayers’ for her and publicly mourning for her… all because she was a young and attractive girl? Otherwise the admins of such groups do not allow anything to be posted other than food” said Akash.

Jayati Joshi

Jayati Joshi

Said Jayati Joshi, Manager at e-biz ‘Menuforyou’ – “it is downright bad manners how some youngsters, even those my age, can be glued to their cell phones when they are sitting with their elders. Don’t they realize it is insulting the persons in front of you to ignore them and pay attention to the ‘chat’ you are conducting on your phone?” She says angrily.

“When you are with someone you should pay attention to them; listen to them; talk to them – this is common courtesy” says Jayati.

We agree – this common courtesy is fast becoming very uncommon.

Another ‘thing’ Jayati would like to have burnt publicly is Ego. “This factor spoils relationships; causes splits between two best friends, between two groups even between two religions” she opines. Ego is definitely something that should be burnt first and forthwith!

Mansi Shah, a young Architect of Nagpur says she would advise other youngsters, specially girls, to be aware of the dangers fraught in the wrong use of social media.

“Social media is a good way to connect with your friends; even make new ones, but all care and precaution must be taken while ‘adding’ someone” opined Mansi.

“You may think you are safe and secure in a e-friendship, but you are absolutely not! The other person can learn so much about you – so many personal details are also made public in this fora – that you need to be really cautious. With a wrong association, your life could become Hell” she cautions.

“It is also a big distraction. Youngsters forget their priorities, their commitments and get carried away by group dynamics” says Mansi.

Another ‘quality’ she would like burnt is Greed. “Nothing spoils your peace of mind like greed does” she says categorically. “Burn greed, learn to be content with what you have and life will be so much happier” she says.

Nagpurians, are you listening?

We are so happy that young people are proving themselves to be so wise, so mature and so insightful.
Future is suddenly looking much brighter!

Happy Dashera!!! Let’s together get rid of all that bugs and brings us down…

If you don’t know how, listen to these young ones.

As told to Sunita Mudaliar