Published On : Mon, May 24th, 2021
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What Does IPL Suspension Mean for Fantasy Cricket?

As the rest of the world is slowly re-opening sporting events to the fans and reducing Covid-related restrictions, India is actively fighting a deadly new wave of the disease. With the numbers on the rise and several cases reported among IPL players in early May, the BCCI was forced to suspend the league for the time being.

IPL was one of the few competitions that kept going as sports were suspended throughout the world for months. Now, the popular cricket competition is looking for solutions, as play is likely to continue abroad in the later months of the year.

Apart from the obvious implications for the players and the fans, the IPL suspension has also greatly impacted one trend that’s been on a massive growth, and that is the fantasy sports. We take a look at what the IPL suspension means for the millions of fantasy cricket players in India, and when they might have a chance to get back to their favorite leagues.

Fantasy Cricket in India

Fantasy cricket has been one of the fastest growing fantasy sports in the world says According to this and other expert portals, the game has drawn in tens of millions of fans in just a few short years. The market is already worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and is expected to grow to well over 3 billion in value by 2024.

The massive surge in fantasy cricket has been stimulated by the emergence of many fantasy sports platforms that targeted India in particular. As the number one sport in the country, cricket has also been the most popular among the local fantasy sports players.

Another factor that played a great roll in the development of fantasy sports in India is the legal status of sports betting in the country. Since sports betting is illegal, the only way for fans to legally enjoy some action is through the legal fantasy sports platforms, which are considered a game of skill.

When Could Fantasy Cricket Return?

The IPL suspension has been devastating to both the fans and the operators who run the fantasy cricket platforms. Executives from companies like PlayersPot and EWar Games stated that they are convinced the BCCI made the right decision to suspend the league, despite the fact it will cost them money in the short run.

For all the fantasy sports and cricket fans, there is some good news. In all likelihood, the IPL will continue in late summer or early fall 2021, with venues such as the UK, the UAE, and Australia presented as potential options. Should the spread of the pandemic be curbed out in these places, as is expected, the IPL is likely to find a new home for the remainder of the season.

The continuation of the league would also mean players could finish out their fantasy IPL season, although the final results may get significantly impacted by such a move. Yet, the most important thing for all fantasy cricket fans is certainly the ability to keep playing, while their favorite players remain in a safe and healthy environment.