Published On : Sat, Aug 15th, 2015

What Bollywood stars have to say on Independence Day


Freedom, Independence, Patriotism- these words have different meanings for every individual. Bollywood’s relationship with these themes have spawned several tales on the fight for Independence and patriotism.

Today, as India celebrates 69 years of Independence, here’s how some of them define freedom…

John Abraham:

I am absolutely patriotic. I always tell everyone that I have an Indian tri-colour in my wardrobe. Abraham Lincoln had said, “Ask not what your country can do for me. Ask what you can do for your country. Shayad hum log yeh bhul jaate hai ki we need to do a lot for our country. We need to be responsible citizens.

Nana Patekar:

We haven’t done anything. It’s our forefathers who have got us freedom. But it’s our responsibility to see what’s happening around us and act accordingly. Whether it’s the farmer suicides or terrorism, we need to see how much we are aware of these issues. What we can do as our duty is know and be aware of these issues.

Anil Kapoor:

All these things need to be felt, not said. I am a man of few words where patriotism or emotions are concerned. We are very fortunate to be born in a country like India. I have travelled all over the world, but there’s no country like ours.

Omung Kumar:

India to me is like a full-fledged Bollywood masala film. There is colour, music, dance, drama, action, tragedy, comedy and all of us are the actors who truly enjoy the day-to-day melodramas, so much spice, never a dull moment. I am truly honoured and proud to be an Indian. With our rich culture and tradition, I think I am truly blessed to belong to this kohinoor and say saare jahan se accha in the true sense!

Zeishan Quadri:

As a filmmaker, writer, director, all I want is real freedom of speech and expression. Even after 68 years of being an independent nation, one still struggles with issues like censorship! It feels so good that we are competing with world cinema at one level, but at the same time, we know that there is a lot left to be achieved.

Manoj Bajpai:

Independence day for me means to walk freely, talk freely, speak freely and do everything what I like with full liberty. For me, Independence Day is a responsibility to behave in a ethical manner in front of my people and surroundings.