Published On : Fri, Aug 7th, 2020

Webinar on “Government’s Ordinance to Double Farmers’ Income: Pros & Cons” on August 05, 2020 on ZOOM

VIA Agro & Rural Development Forum is organized a webinar on “Government’s Ordinance to Double Farmers’ Income: Pros & Cons” is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 5th August , 2020 from 5:00 pm onwards on zoom.

Om Prakash Jajodia – Chairman of Agro & Rural Development welcomed all there eminent speaker for this webinar. He said, in our forum we have taken various initiative for the agriculture sector. There are no employments opportunities at the village level & agriculture can be a solution for this issue. Opportunities can be developed for farmers, agri services etc. Organic farming can be the medium to double the income of farmers also helpful in pollution control & health benefits.

On july 5th three ordinances have be released by Central Government & we would like to know from our expert panelists about these ordinances, whether they are beneficial for farmers or not.

Kriti Mangrulkar – programme in charge said government has issued these ordinances to double farmers income . She said approximately 72 percent village population is into agriculture related work if their economic condition improves with these changes that is beneficial to overall economic growth . but this segment is . According to experts this ordinance seems to be very unrealistic. There is a report from expert that if farmers’ income is increased by 11 to 15 percent every year we can doublet the farmer’s income within 5 years, in the current scenario of negative growth how is it possible to double farmer’s income within 2 years, that is by 2022, that is the question? Is it possible to double the income with this ordinance? . Further she invited Dr. Suhas Buddhe Vice President VIA to share his views and asked question that we are always talking about doubling the farmers’ income but how we can reduce the input cost? Mrs. Shachi Mallik introduced the guest to all the audience.

Dr. Suhas Buddhe – He said that by 2022 it is difficult to achieve this target. This can be only achieved by post production value addition work. We as an industrial association supported three clusters in Vidarbha Region. Creating backward integration would be very helpful for agriculture sector. Vidarbha region also have three GIs which are Bhiwapur chilli, Turmeric & Nagpur Orange, We are studying the integrated supply chain management to make it sustainable model. Bhusawal produces around 30 percent of domestic requirement of banana out of which only 4 percent is being exported. Creating a value chain is a simple work but sustaining the same is very difficult. Boosting the Agri economy is possible if we have the holistic approach for this sector. Further Kriti Mangrulkar invited Amitabh Pawde to share his views over said ordinances.

Amitabh Pawde he said, China from 1978 to 1986 they doubled the farmers income. They removed various restrictions from agriculture practices which resulted in increased income of farmers and due to this more agri processing units were established. Farmers don’t commit suicide due to loans & helplessness. In past many years around 45 Lakh Crore of loss has been borne by farmers. Farmers suicide can be stoped if he was allowed to sale is goods as per his production cost, he added. Central government fixes one rate as MSP and state suggest another MSP , actually agriculture is a state subject still farmer gates less price than that of central governments guidelines.This is very unfair to the farmers.

We will have to generate the local market demand. It could be yearly or festival based. We should also promote free trading. We as society & agri enthusiasts should promote the multiple cropping & this should be promoted in domestic market said pawde. Further Kriti Mangrulkar invited Vandana Shiva to share her views.

Vandana Shiva – she said – She has worked in this segment for 40 years. You are living in karma bhumi of Mahatma Gandhi. India has given organic movement to the world. India’s agriculture land is very diverse and it has solutions for various issues of agriculture. Before freedom Britishers have taken 45 trillion dollars from India. First essential committee act was made in 1955. In 1991 World Bank had made a structural adjustment on us. In 1995 WTO rules were issued in which our ex president of India Pranav Mukharji was involved. There was dumping in international trade. Monsanto created restriction over Indian companies which resulted in financial load over farmers. In 1998 around 5000 small oil extraction unit (Tel Ghani) were closed due to promotion of blended oils.

Uria was made by Hitler for explosives further it was sold as fertilizer to the world. Even in current scenario Agriculture expenses are 10 times higher than income and multinationals have created monopoly in this segment. In COVID many farmers produced perishable goods which resulted in huge losses they should have grown crop as per requirement of local markets. There are no state laws applicable on E markets, Wallmart etc. multinationals has tax holiyday. she seen at the river bank of Yamuna, acres of land were used for cultivation of only potato. If we talk about a pack of chips costing 20 rupees only 4 paisa comes in pocket of farmers & rest 19.96 rupees goes in pocket of multinational. As per one of the research, mortality rate has been raised from 0.5 percent to 9.2 percent due to consumption of such processed beverages & foods.

Navdanya & VIA should join hands together to preserve the local seeds & their produces should be promoted in local market. Local seeds require less water and inputs which can help to increase income of farmer. We should not just think about doubling the farmers’ income but in can be increased by 10 folds.

These ordinances will not be helpful for farmers, in near future these multinationals will promote digital agriculture where there will not be any need of farmers.

We should preserve agriculture heritage our country. Our local crops like Chana, Jwar, Wheat, Rice should be promoted, multi-cropping system to be adopted. We should encourage people to install small oil ghanis & flour mills. Crop diversity is the solution to address the issue of income of farmers.

American agriculture is the wrong model to follow so let’s make India & Vidarbha Atmanirbhar.

Ashit Sinha – Mentor of forum proposed vote of thanks to all speakers and attendees present during the webinar.