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We need to be men of our words: Bhaiyaji Joshi

Jasa Bolel Tasa Chalel (He will walk in the manner of how he speaks)

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: While addressing the Bal Swayam Sewaks after they returned from Pathsanchalan (March Past) Sahasarsanghchalak Bhaiyaji Joshi said that as Bal Swayam Sewaks come to the Sangh Shakha to learn something. One of the most vital facets that they learn is Discipline. Learning discipline alone does not suffice. What is important is to inculcate the discipline in our day to day lives.

He claimed that as Swayam Sewaks, we not call this as Personality Development. We teach the concepts through various activities right from the childhood.

Bhaiyaji Joshi said that a man is judged by what he wears, how he talks, how he walks and his personal attraction. However, these are external facets. What is important is that the man should be the same internally (mentally, psychologically) as he looks externally.

RSS Parad (6)Today people see how you speak or walk. Bolel Jaisa Chalel (how he speaks, he will walk) or he will behave and have an attitude of how he speaks. However, what is necessary is the society is people to recognize you to be the person who is disciplined and a person who is a man of his word. Today the scenario in the society, hypocrisy exists and people say something but do something else. That is why people who are men of their words are needed in the society so that others may emulate them. Similarly, the society lacks discipline. People are required to be disciplined and bring discipline in the society by their life, by their behavior etc.

He went on to say that every Shakha imparts training and discipline to the students. However, how can the society see the discipline in the children?  This Pathsanchalan was a display of the discipline that has been inculcated in the Shakhas.

RSS Parad (4)Bhaiyaji Joshi elaborated on three kinds of parades or processions.

  1. Morcha (Rally): He said that people who participate in the Morchas are not disciplined. Everyone walks in any manner he or she feels like. There is no direction or purpose of their participation since discipline is lacking. We went on to say that we see many Morchas that are being taken out to Vidhan Sabha. People keep walking shouting slogans. In between they just take a break and go to the tea stall, have tea and come back. Some of them even go out do their personal work and rejoin the rally.
  2. Miravanuk: The participants of these processions are usually religious in nature. One can often see these processions or Miravanuks during Visarjan of Lord Ganpathi or Goddess Kali etc. The only difference is that the atmosphere is Mangalmayi (holy). However, the participants of these processions too lack discipline. Everyone goes wherever they want. Does whatever they want.RSS Parad (5)
  3. Sankhalan: This Pathsanchalan that the Bal Swayam Sewaks undertook is the example of Sankhalan. The participants of this Sankhalan are disciplined. They adhere to rules and regulations. They obey the orders of the leaders whom they follow. One can often see such Sankhalan in NCC, Police, Army and other uniformed personnel. One can see discipline in their parade.

Not all the members of all Shakhas are present here. Though they practiced for last many months, the best were chosen since they practiced and performed better than the others. They displayed discipline. However, when we saw the manner in which they walked on the road (From Dinanath School and Junior College to Dhantoli Police Station to Panchasheel Square to Lokmat Square and back to the School), we felt, that the children could have done even better.

He urged the children to lean a disciplined life and maintain a honour life. The discipline has to be practiced everywhere we go be it the school, in our home, in our neighbourhood etc.

RSS Parad (9)One practice that Rashtriya Swayam Sewaks are reputed for is the punctuality. If we say 5 pm, it is 5 pm and the programme will start at 5 pm. Unlike in other places where people ask is it really five or stretchable time. People do not mind coming even at 5:15 pm or 5:30 pm. He elaborated his point on punctuality by quoting Baba Saheb Purandare who was a story teller. (Kathakar). He said that since Baba Saheb Purandare was a RSS man, he used to tell the audience that we shall be starting the programme at 9 pm sharp and will finish at 10 pm. One should not talk or get-up and go in the middle of the programme. He made it a point it out to those who violated these conditions. The people started recognizing him for the discipline and the punctuality since as assured, he would start the programme exactly at 9 pm and would end it at 10 pm. The people in the society started slowly enumerating him. He said that the country is going through bad phase only because of indiscipline. It is upto the Swayam Sewaks to rectify this by living a disciplined life which people can see and enumerate.

RSS ParadEarlier the Bal Swayam Sewaks participated in the Parade called Pathsanchalan in a very disciplined manner. The young boys never spoke to each other on the way. They were walking in practiced steps like soldiers. They followed the line and were in their best performance.

After they returned, they guest were seated on a dais which had the words in Sanskrit:

“Nagar Gram Ann vasti Vasti Sangh
Shakiche Kendra Karu
Parishramanne Parakramane
Dheyya Aapule Saddhya Karu”

After the students sang the Sangh Song, The RSS flag was hoisted. Later another Sanghachalak Loya spoke about the Pathasanchalan. He said that we should behave in a disciplined manner whether we are alone or in a group. He claimed that this is the first time that Bal Pathsanchalan was undertaken in Nagpur city. He added that the practice has been going on in every Shakha and finally the section was done on December 6, 2015 and the selected Bal Swayam Sewaks participated in the marchpast.

RSS Parad (2)He then introduced the speaker Sahasarsanghchalak Bhaiyaji Joshi.

The programme ended with the unfurling the flag and the mass recital of the RSS Pledge.
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