Published On : Sun, Apr 20th, 2014

‘We Chat’ turns most wanted among Nagpur’s date hunters; Hidden identity does the trick

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The brand new wired generation of Nagpur is gradually switching to mobile application to feed on their dating desire. Cutting the time spent on social media networks, the hot and happening guys and chic and bubbly gals are seen hooked to the new tool on their mobile. The WhatsApp fever is growing fast but there is something more to We Chat – the latest fascination of the city youths. Interestingly, apart from the new age mobile generation, most of the young at heart middle-aged people are also catching up with the strange and lonely like them on We Chat – the mobile chat application that comes with the peculiar feature of not disclosing either the numbers of identity on the either side.

Undisclosed identity appeals more

A student in her teens revealed that he has been maneuvering through various social media platforms and WhatsApp for quite some months. However, his prime reservation was about his identity being disclosed at these networks. “Then came ‘We Chat’ that works without revealing your number or actual name. That enhanced comfort levels within me as I unwind my ideas before the person, of course strange to me. I also found a girl recently and we are going fine on this application,” he said without wishing to be named.

Privacy does the trick

A lot many users are clicked about the way We Chat functions as it not only keep the users’ numbers or names under the wraps but also allow them to hunt for their prospective dates in their periphery. The application once downloaded on the smartphone flashed the like-minded people around their area. The users can ping and take the things forward if the profile they come across appeals them.

Age no bar

Surprisingly, a keen observation on the trend shows few of the middle-aged people are also finding this application handy, thanks to the secrecy it maintains. “Unlike other applications that either shows your number in first place or your detailed information, We Chat makes your space more comfortable as its shields our real world. Atleast for now, I am finding it more interesting,” reveals a 40 year old professional.

Magnetic matchmaker

More than the boys, the college going girls are finding this mobile tool friendly it protects them from the risk of being put into trouble. “I met a guy on ‘We Chat’ some days ago but I was apprehensive of his whereabouts. As we went on sharing ideas for over a month, we finally decided for meeting on date. Today we are in love and that’s how I found my match,” she quipped.