Published On : Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

WCL’s nasty designs to shut down running mines & open new ones get exposed

Coal Mine Nagpur

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Nagpur: In what could be termed as ‘nasty designs,’ certain WCL officials are reportedly indulging in shutting down running coal mines and, in the name of coal production, opening newer mines. The shady affairs on the part of the WCL officials is resulting in denting coffers of Government as well as Coal Ministry but, at the same time, “warming” the pockets of these unscrupulous babus. However, such an attempt to close down Pipla Mine in Saoner area boomeranged on the WCL administration.

Most of the top officials deployed in Headquarters as well as Vigilance Chief never venture out of their AC chambers and ;feel’ the ongoing work in any mine. Many of the official retire from service without even seeing the face of a mine. The pondering point is that only the officials of Sub-Area Manager level are adept about the age of a mine, quality of coal, stock of coal and other vital aspects. At the same time, black marketing and other shady deals are also limited to this level too but the “bounty” reaches at higher levels as well. Similarly, on the recommendation of these officials (Sub-Area Manager-level) the CGM level officials ‘plot’ to whether a mine should be shut down or keep running or not. And according to such kind of ‘conspiracy,’ a plan was afoot to close down the functional Pipla Mine. But for the vigil and alertness on the part of local MLA the plan got foiled.

As soon as the local MLA heard of WCL plan to shut down the mine, he dashed to WCL Headquarters and discussed the matter threadbare. What is the reason? Is it a geological reason or any other problem that is forcing the WCL authorities to ‘switch off’ the mine? The pointed query by the local MLA put the administration in the backfoot. The fumble on the part of WCL officials led the MLA to launch a blitz of questions on the officials and he thundered: “The running coal mines are being closed down and an exercise to open newer mines, in the name of coal production, is being undertaken. The opening of new coal mines would dent coffers of government in crores in the form of land acquisition, compensation and jobs to affected persons. The loss is not compensated for years. Instead of hitting the shot in the dark, the running mines should be managed in a proper manner with the help of latest technology,” the MLA blasted. The bombarding rattled the WCL management and the plan to close down Pipla Mine was shelved.

Durvasa Opencast Mine goes off:
The Durvasa Opencast Mine was shut down a year ago due to exhaust of coal stock. But the officials and employees of this closed down mine are receiving their pay packets regularly without work. Instead, these men should have been shifted to such mines where shortage of manpower is being felt. Another interesting fact about the said closed mine is that the leveling of the opencast mine should have been done in accordance with the laid down norms. But still the mine is being kept open apparently in an invitation to an untoward incident. In the rainy season, the open mine would be a big tank and could be a spot of disaster.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )