Published On : Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

WCL security guards wait for promotion for fifteen long years

illegal coal mining

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Nagpur: Disregarding the policy of Western Coalfield Limited, declaring that any employee, of any grade, has to be transferred from their position as well as location within three years, the security employees await for promotion and transfer despite passage of fifteen years. In addition to the jeopardy faced by employees, they are not endowed with essential safety equipments and tools to work in hazardous mines.

Several employees have been working in hazardous condition in Eastern Vidardha and Madhya Pradesh. The officer grade employees here have been pushing back the transfer and promotion of more than two hundred employees since their appointment in 1999-2000. However, if the policies had been sincerely followed, they would have been granted promotions by their ‘CR’ and DCPs in every three years. The employees, if promoted timely, would have reached the designations of Security Sub Inspector or Inspector by now availing a monthly income of sixty to seventy thousand per month.

There are several open and underground mines in Ballarpur, Chandrapur, Pench, Patharkheda and other nearby areas the headquarters of these Western Coalfield Mines is located in Nagpur. Along with the mines, the security staffs maintain the security of the offices as well.

Low quality Equipments make them prone to danger:
The security employees of Headquarters are provided with Khaki fabric and those of mining areas receive yellow. However, the quality of these is reported to be quite poor. The employees are to get the uniforms stitched for themselves paying for the same. The shoes, raincoats, water bottles, torch and other security gears, too, are of cheap quality. The staff members are also compelled to conduct the patrolling on their personal vehicles, given that there is no availability of official vehicles. The work of clerks is also taken from the security employees to ease the officers.

Black hands in Black trade:
From machinery operators to Sales Manager, Mining Officers and almost all other concerned officials are purportedly involved in daily pilfer of extracted coal.

The wrongdoings are observable clearly. However, no actions are being taken to discontinue the practice.