Published On : Wed, May 29th, 2013
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WCL pumping out 71 lakh litres of water per hour, dumping it into drainage lines

The disastrous effect the excavation of mines causing is the ground water sources are being sucked by the 800 feet deep mines. The insensitive operation on the part of WCL bosses to excavate mines beyond permitted 250 feet level is drying up wells, bore-wells, and even Kanhan River, thus putting nearby residents to untold sufferings on water supply front.

Nagpur News: The WCL bosses, well apprised of severe water shortage in many areas, in many cities, in many states of the country during the fiery summer or even otherwise, have turned their “vision” to other side of the situation on water front. The WCL bosses are selective turning a Nelson’s eye over the fact that WCL’s  mines under Kanhan  areas are pumping out lakhs, and lakhs of literes of precious water to the drains, charged former Shiv Sena MP Prakash Jadhav.

Jadhav  further elaborated that the WCL, dumping the rules and regulations to garbage bins, started an operation to excavate mines under Kanhan to massive level of 800 feet deep without a thought of wisdom  the excavation could create havoc on water front. In this way the WCL has been wasting water, the excavation triggersin, in a colossal proportion by passing the water through its pipelines to nearby waste water drainage lines, Jadhav claimed.

If one looks to the quantity of water being flown to the waste water drainage lines he or she would be  shocked: The WCL is wasting 1.36 lakh liters of water per minute, and 71 lakh liters of water every hour!!! Shocked. Kanhan River is lifeline of Nagpur District. The river was a pride for lakhs of people as the river used to flow with full of water in the entire year. Now, the river itself is starved of water, leave alone the residents, who are facing a terrible water shortage during the entire year. The Nagpur District consists 13 coalmines. The WCL was given permission by District Administration to excavate mines up to 250 feet. Water starts to wobble up at the 180-200 feet level. However, in order to show more production of coal, the WCL bosses are playing a “game of excitement” and have been going beyond the permitted levels by excavating the mines deeper and deeper ignoring the havoc their “game” would create on water front.

Not to mention the disastrous effect the WCL “game” is causing. The entire ground water sources are getting sucked by the excavations and the water is being accumulated in the coalmines. And, in turn, the WCL is pumping the gigantic proportion of water to waste water drainage lines.

At present, if one scans the water quantity the WCL mines are wasting would be aghast  to know the figure. Following are the details the each mine is wasting water in Gallons Per Minute. The WCL’s Saoner-1 mine 800 GPM (Gallons Per Minute),Saoner-2 mine 500 GPM, Saoner-3 mine 500 GPM, Adasa mine 1000 GPM, Patansaongi mine 3500 GPM, Sillewada and Ekbi Incline mine 2000 GPM, Pipla, Kamptee, and Umred mines 3000 GPM respectively, Godegaon, Inder, and Morepar (Yavatmal District) mines 5000 GPM, Makardhokda mine 2000 GPM totallinf 36,300 Gallons Per Minute water is being sucked by these mines, and, pumped out, too.

This phenomenon is drying up the wells, bore-wells, rivers and other ground water sources in the nearby areas of these mines. Moreover, the River Kanhan, which supplies water to Orange City, is also getting a severe beating, and drying up fast as its water too is being sucked by the mines.

The disastrous effect of this WCL “game” could be seen in the near future. The Nagpur District would witness a sort of war over water if the WCL bosses are not reined in immediately.

Prakash Jadhav has warned that if the WCL takes no measures to stop this colossal waste of water then he would launch a “Pani Satyagrah” (Water Movement), albeit, in Shiv Sena way.