Published On : Tue, Nov 3rd, 2020

WCC2 Mobile Game: Here’s How You Can Master This Game!

Cricket is one of the most popular outdoor games. If you are an Indian, you know the amount of enthusiasm we see during cricket tournaments, be it international cricket, domestic cricket, or gully cricket.

However, one more cricket type is gaining popularity over the last few years, and that is online cricket. It provides you with the comfort of playing cricket games on your smartphones anytime, anywhere.

This article explores one of the best online cricket games called the World Cricket Championship 2 or WCC2 mobile game.


Become the Master of WCC2


WCC2 is one of the best online cricket games as it offers various gameplays. The world’s No. 1 cricket game is undoubtedly a must-have for all the cricket lovers. So read on and learn how to master the WCC2 game.

Master the Batting Controls

In online cricket, you have to think beyond the cricketing technique. It is essential to understand the controls to make sure you are playing the game effectively.

The more you play, the faster you get closer to mastering the game of WCC2. There are two types of shot combinations in the game, lofted shot and ground drive. Knowing these shots and their application can help you play more efficiently.

Lofted shot

A lofted shot is also known as a power shot since it offers you an opportunity to score a six. Your timing has to be perfect while attempting this shot. Even a second here and there can lead to dismissal. Remember that when your batsman is positioned for a lofted shot, the wickets are exposed entirely to the bowler. If your timing goes wrong, you will lose a wicket.

Ground drive shot

Ground drive shots are crucial for any batsmen at the crease. Of course, the lofted shots help you score big faster, but they are equally risky. A perfect gameplay is a combination of ground drive shots and lofted shots. Ground drive shots can help you steal runs in between the wickets and also get you a four. This shot helps the beginners to learn the game and score high without taking the risk.

Batting order

Be it WCC2 or real cricket; a good batting line up can help you score big and save wickets when needed the most. A strong batting line-up helps the opener play a few risky shots for the team. When an opener starts the game, the idea is to give an excellent start to the team.

When you choose a strong opener, your team gets an advantage and their chance of dominating the game increases. In WCC2, you can see small progress bars against every batsman, which shows the batsman’s batting skill. Based on the bar, you should choose the strongest batsmen for opening.

Field formations

The bowling team aims to stop the batsmen from scoring big. Strong teamwork is required to make the game difficult for the batsmen. Apart from the bowlers, the fielders and the fielding formations also play a significant role in accomplishing this goal.

Aggressive fielding formations involve placing fielders close to the pitch. This is usually seen at the starting when the batsman is trying to get comfortable on the field. This formation is supposed to build pressure on the batsmen. A defensive field formation is when the fielders cover most of the field, and the batsman will find it difficult to score runs.

Bowling accuracy

Your bowling style is equally important before you go around trying to win the game. You have a whole list of bowlers in the line-up, but choose the ones you are comfortable with. Your bowling positions also matter a lot. The aim is to block the batsmen from hitting big shots and scoring well. For example – Bowl a yorker when bowling with a fast bowler to stop the batsman’s from hitting a lofted shot. Similarly, with spinners, you can restrict the batsman from playing big shots as the chances of dismissal are very high.

So if you want to master the WCC2 game, be ready to practice these shots daily. The more you play, the more you will see yourself progressing every day.

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