Published On : Wed, Sep 10th, 2014

Water bodies lay polluted after the immersion

futala-1Nagpur News.

Lord Ganesha was worshipped for the last 10 days, for the past 3 days, various idols of Lord Ganesha were immersed in local water bodies. There were many environmentally aware NGOs and their volunteers who stood at the immersion points of the water-bodies and ensured that various bio-degradable things like the garlands, floral offerings are separated and are dumped in specific collection bins before the idols are immersed.

Even after that the efforts of hundreds of volunteers went waste as some citizens chose to immerse the idols with the floral garlands and offerings in the lakes. Some made their prayers and dropped flowers in the water bodies, in spite of all the advertisements and announcements to desist from doing so.


So what can we infer from this behavior, will-full act or arrogance or senseless apathy for the water-bodies?

The pictures taken by a concerned citizen depicts that this behavior is found every year. While the civic body claimed to have collected 259 tons of “Nirmalaya” (Floral Offerings). However, this remnant of joyous occasion depicts only one simple fact, we have become immune to all warnings and in the mood of enjoying the festive occasion, our basic thinking powers and concern for our water bodies seem to have become marred.