Published On : Sat, Jan 27th, 2018

Watch Video: Traffic cop caught taking money from erring student forcibly for rule violation

Nagpur: Denting the image of city police further, a traffic police constable was caught taking money from erring students forcibly for not initiating action against them. Angry reactions erupted as the video of the cop pocketing a bribe of Rs 200 from a rider went viral on social media. Reacting to the video, top police officials initiated strict action against the cop.

In the video, the traffic constable is seen talking to a youth and pretending to issue challan to him apparently for violating traffic rule. The ‘hefty’ cop is further seen telling the erring youth that he would not issue a challan for his fault and demands money. As scary tactics, the cop frequently pretends to write challan and suddenly backtracks when the youth stops him. The policeman then demands money. Left with no choice, the youth is seen taking out Rs 200 from his wallet and handing the money to the traffic cop. The moment the cop receives money, he puts it in his pocket and signals the youth to leave the place.

The traffic constable, it seemed, was unaware of the fact that his nasty act was being recorded in a mobile phone by the youth’s accomplice or someone other detained for traffic rule violation. After the video went viral on social media, angry reactions erupted from citizens who demanded suspension of the traffic cop.

However, the place and time of the disturbing incident could not be verified immediately. The name of the ‘greedy’ policeman is also not known.