Published On : Tue, Aug 5th, 2014

Watch Video : Durjoy Datta launches his latest book “When Only Love Remains” in Nagpur

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Eminent novelist and a heartthrob, Durjoy Datta launched his latest book “When Only Love Remains” in Nagpur amidst much fanfareon Sunday (August 3). The launch took place at Crossword Book Store. The fans of Durjoy, mostly young girls, went ecstatic when he answered their questions in his own style. When the girls asked Durjoy whether he plans to write scripts for movies in future, the novelist was in his best humour. He replied: “For writing for movies, he will have to first sleep with Karan Johar which he will not do.”The retort left the girls blushing and laughing boisterously. When asked about Nagpur City, Durjoy called it “Clean, Nice and Quiet.” Asked for any message to Nagpurians, the novelist said, “Please buy my book and make the publishers make me visit Nagpur again and again.” In fact, this visit was Durjoy Datta’s third to Nagpur.

“When Only Love Remains” is another love story from Durjoy Datta, this one set in the troubled world of an aspiring young singer and revolving around a young woman who has been obsessed with him for a long time.

Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta