Published On : Tue, May 2nd, 2017

Watch: A bridegroom’s speeding car viciously hits two-wheelers leaving 3 riders injured

Bajaj Nagar Accident
A CCTV camera installed at Bajaj Nagar-based Sanman Lawns has captured a car, decorated for a would-be bridegroom, viciously hitting two two-wheelers and injuring three riders, including a young girl, seriously. The April 28 footage shows the Scorpio car, being driven recklessly, crashing onto the two two-wheelers and speeding away. The driver of the car did not bother to know the fate of the three riders and fled the spot. Fortunately, a tragedy of dreadful magnitude got averted as the red signal at the nearby Bajaj Nagar Square forced the car to stop otherwise the driver would have mowed down a number of other vehicles.