Published On : Sun, Jul 27th, 2014

Wasankar Scam: Harrowing experience of investors staging sit-in-dharna

IMG_20140724_230552Nagpur News.

What began as a steadfast single-minded attempt to draw the attention of Wasankar and the legal fraternity in getting their money back has on July 26, 2014 reached the third day. The people who are staging the sit-in Dharna at Wasankar’s office include

  1. Vishal Meshram
  2. Varsha Bhoyar
  3. Avinash Nagdive
  4. Devidas Nagdive
  5. Sheela Nagdive and
  6. Advocate Meenal Nagdive.

They go home just to perform their morning ablutions. They have food here in the office and sleep in the night at the office. Many other investors had joined them in the day. However, because of various problems, they have not yet joined the dharna. However, many are expected to join them on Sunday onwards. These people had started the Dharna 3 days ago on July 24, 2014.

On July 23, 2014, when they had come here to meet Wasankar, He made them wait from morning 9 am to 9 pm in the night. The staff kept on telling them that Wasankar is coming. Finally they took this step of sit-in-dharna. They told Nagpur Today, that we had decided to sit it out till Wasankar comes to the office and pays us.

The General Manager of Wasankar Wealth Management Sarika Chakunde plays a very shady role and has proved her allegiance to Wasankar. When the family staged a sit in dharna, on Thursday July 24, 2014, at around 9 pm, she asked the men folk to go out and that she’ll speak to the women folk. However, Sarika, played a very sly game and informed the police officials (who was called by the Wasankar to evict them), that these women has locked her along with them. However, her complaint fell flat since the cops could see her ploy. They reprimanded her and said that if she feels so much for Wasankar, she should sit here and guard the office. She allegedly had told the police officers that what if they steal something from the office, to that too the cops said that do these poor investors look like thieves to them? The investors told that Sarika had allegedly given the keys of the office to the cops telling them that this is your responsibility now. This had angered the cops and they had asked her to leave the place quietly or else face the music of cops.

The cops had warned her to leave the poor investors alone and let them protest peacefully.

However, throughout the night, the peon of Wasankar Investment and a known anti-social-element of Pandrapodi area were present in the office and the peon was getting phone calls throughout the night every half an hour from Wasankar. Obviously Wasankar too had a sleepless night.

The next day, a lady investor identified as Sheela Meshram, who is a Wasankar sympathizer stood alone among nearly 100 other investors and was allegedly telling them to leave this place and leave Wasankar alone. She had allegedly said that by doing all this Wasankar will only get arrested and no one will get any money. When the people were resolute in their decision to stage their sit-in dharna, she resorted to shouting abusive words at the investors who were staging dharna. When she started attacking the old lady identified as Sheela Nagdive, the daughter Meenal intervened and pushed her. At this Sheela Meshram ran to the bathroom and scratched herself and came out and started shouting that she has been attacked by these investors. She along with the General Manager went to the Ambazhari Police Station to file a complaint. However, this ploy too failed to evince any favourable response by the cops since they could clearly see through her game.

However, at the Police Station, a person identified as Mohan Dev’s son Shriram Dev and Abhijeet Chaudhari were sitting and trying to convince these investors that Wasankar is starting his repayment drive from July 30, 2014. They were allegedly showing some documents, which were very old. The investors told the cops that these documents were of the time when Wasanakar was paying the investors installment.

The police officials had allegedly asked both these persons to leave the place quietly or will be made accomplices of Wasankar and arrested. At this both the persons had left the police station.

When nothing else worked these investors are continuously issued threats by the anti-social element who comes late in the night to disturb their sleep and harass them.

What is surprising is that even after all this, Wasankar still has his cohorts who support him and fight for him.