Published On : Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

Wadi hosp. refuses to hand over patient’s body over non-payment of bills, kin turns hostile

Nagpur: An upscale hospital in Wadi, 10 kms from Nagpur, refused to hand over the dead body of a patient to the relatives over the non-payment of bills. The relatives, who allegedly neglected the patient during the course of treatment despite repeated calls by the hospital administration, eventually refused to pay the bills following which the hospital authorities had to take this stand. Hospital authorities informed that the patient was brought from a village in Madhya Pradesh in very critical

Well Treat Multispecialty Hospital

Well Treat Multispecialty Hospital

condition and the chances of his survival were bleak. The doctors at Well Treat Multispecialty Hospital located on Amravati road in Wadi, informed that despite making all out efforts to save the patient, he died three days ago after he failed to respond to the treatment.

However the death of the patient has brought to the fore many unanswered questions – Despite the patient being critical, why he was not rushed to any hospital in Nagpur instead of taking him to Wadi? When the patient was not financially able why he was not taken to any government hospital in the city?


The authorities at Well Treat Hospital informed that on most of the occasions, the doctors or hospitals are ready to waive off the hospital fees and other charges, but the cost of medicines have to be borne by the patient since they do not come cheap. They informed that the total bill the relatives have to pay to the hospital is Rs 1.82 lakh, of which, the bill for pharmacy alone is Rs 75,000.

Patient suffered multiple organ failures
The patient identified as Dhurve was brought to the hospital on August 27 by a local person who identity could not be revealed. When Dr Rahul Thawre the owner of Well Treat Multispecialty Hospital, diagnosed the patient he found that the patient has multiple organ failures, septicemia, acute renal failure and was in a critical condition. Dr Rahul Thawre had made it amply clear that the patient may not survive and the cost of treatment may go up to Rs 2.70 lakhs.

Hospital started treatment on human grounds
When the doctor asked them to make a partial payment, the family members and relatives requested the doctor to admit the patient and start the treatment and those they will go to Madhya Pradesh and bring the amount. On sheer humanitarian basis, the doctor started the treatment. However, even after one week, and even the relatives or family members did not turn up with any payment, the hospital officials called the relatives. It is alleged that the relatives claimed that Former Union Minister of Urban Development Kamal Nath is paying for the treatment.

The relatives never told the doctor that they are yet to apply for the financial aid for the treatment. Then the following week, the relatives came with some form and asked the doctors to fill it and sign it so that they can get financial aid from Kamal Nath.

Supply stopped at 50k
When the cost of medicines reached a sizeable amount of Rs 50,000/-, the chemist refused to supply any more medicines unless he gets at least partial amount. But on the request of the patient’s relatives who went on assuring the doctor, the doctor urged the chemist to provide the medicines.

Wife and brother of the deceased patient

Wife and brother of the deceased patient


Wife refused to recognize patient
When the patient suddenly became critical, the local person refused to even acknowledge the identity of the patient. When the other family members including the wife was called to inform about the serious condition of the patient, the family members including the wife is reported to have told the doctor that she does not know who he is. Almost all family members and relatives had deserted the patient long time ago. No one present in the hospital to even fetch the medicines or take care of the patient.

When the patient died around three days ago, the doctor and the hospital staff called all the numbers to inform them about the demise of the patient. But either they refused to recognize the patient and not even answered the phone, thereafter.

Chemist bill is due
After nearly 24 hours after the patient’s death, the relatives arrived and demanded the dead-body. The family members and relatives are alleged to have given the doctor a sob story that they are very poor and that they do not have any money to pay. When asked about the financial aid from Kamal Nath, they simply said that that proposal was cancelled. However, the doctors insisted that without paying the chemist they cannot release the dead body.

At the time of filing of this report, the hospital handed over the body to the relatives.