Published On : Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

VVIPs delayed her flight, doctor shouts at minister, then breaks down

Imphal: A union minister was shouted at by a furious woman passenger at the Imphal airport whose flight had been delayed by two hours because of VVIP movement. The passenger, Dr Nirala Singh, was filmed yesterday venting her frustration at union minister KJ Alphons.

In a statement, Indigo airlines said that her flight “was delayed for more than two hours for airspace closure due to the VVIP movement at Imphal.”

Mr Alphons, who was waiting to fly back to Delhi after an official trip to the city, said today, “I understand her distress, you can’t blame her.”


Dr Singh was booked to fly to Kolkata and then Patna for her brother’s funeral. Her flight was allegedly delayed by two hours because it clashed with the arrival of President Ram Nath Kovind.

Dr Singh spotted the minister with his retinue and lashed out at him, clubbing him with VIPs whose special treatment leaves ordinary citizens stranded.

“I am a doctor, not a politician. I have very important time… I had to go to Patna at 2.45… that was the scheduled time… I told my family also. The body will degrade. I know… I am a doctor… the body will degrade and it will smell. It is still at my home,” she said, choking up.

Mr Alphons, holding a bouquet presented to him at the airport, is heard trying to placate Dr Singh. He said today, “The President’s flight was landing…. the security protocol (of cordoning off airspace) has been around for 70 years. The PM and President must be protected and given the highest level of security.”

“3 scheduled flights were delayed by around 2 hours due to the President of India’s flight movement. We heard that one passenger who was travelling from Imphal to Patna argued with Union Minister KJ Alphons,” said an airport official.