Published On : Wed, Sep 12th, 2018

VTA requests portion wise parking relaxation on Central Avenue

A delegation of Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA) led by its president J. P. Sharma met Raj Tilak Roushan – Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Nagpur City and welcomed him on this new charge by handing over flower bouquet and also appreciating his decision of bifurcation & re-organizing the five traffic chambers and their nomenclature in public interest

VTA also handed over memorandum highlighting various issues related to traffic in city which require urgent consideration for the convenience of the commuters.

Tejinder Singh Renu – Secretary VTA submitted that Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) in their Development Plan of 1940s developed Central Avenue and commercial plots of various sizes were leased by NIT to perspective lessee on both side of Central Avenue. However the construction of buildings on these plots took place mainly in 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately till 1990, buildings were sanctioned by planning authority without demanding any stilt or in-house parking from such commercial or residential buildings and road side parking was treated as sufficient. Hence practically no buildings constructed on Central Avenue have parking facility of their own.

Renu further said that when this work of Nagpur Metro started, Central Avenue got narrowed by work-in-progress barricades by Metro in road center whereby parking on both sides were banned; however now as at many portions of Central Avenue the Metro civil work is completed, they have started removing barricades and started installing RCC dividers. This brought back the size of Central Avenue as it was earlier with sufficient width available for smooth traffic flow. Considering the position as mentioned herein above, the Traffic Department may please verify the position and portion wise permit parking strictly in single lane on Central Avenue road sides where the Metro barricades have been removed and enough road width is now available.

J. P. Sharma said that many times we observe full-size Star Bus being run by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Central Avenue and Budhwari area. It’s highly recommended that considering the narrow road width only mini buses are permitted to run on such roads; hence traffic department may please convey appropriate directions to NMC Traffic and Bus division for requisite changes.

Hemant Trivedi – Joint Secretary requested that use of High Beam in city driving during night is major problem and VTA believes that Police has powers to issue any directions to the citizens to obey if the issue is becoming threatening. Undoubtedly many accidents cause during night as these high power High Beams and LED lights are literally blinding. Hence some kind of orders prohibiting use of high beam in city driving should be introduced.

Ashwin Mehadia – VTA Executive Body Member said that traffic cops should manage traffic and not just book motorists and two wheelers for violations and issue challans as CCTV recording is available in city now, challans can be issued through them and cops should maintain traffic flow on roads.

Rohit Kanoongo – VTA Executive Body Member said monsoon brings cattle menace on roads every year and we request Traffic Dept to take cognizance of this issue and issue appropriate directions to NMC with suitable suggestions.

Appreciating VTA’s efforts for citizens DCP Traffic Raj Tilak Roushan assured that we’ll verify the position of Central Avenue and considering the position appropriate decision will be taken. He further assured that traffic department will issue necessary directions to NMC for bus size and its route. He further said that Police has now registering FIR against cattle menace on the owner. On high beam issue he said traffic department will discuss this issue and if required appropriate orders will be issued under Bombay Police Act.