Published On : Wed, Dec 25th, 2013

VJ Andy gets evicted from Big Boss, Nagpur dint like it!


An appealing contender, a strong entertainer and a Big Boss gamer VJ Andy has been eliminated from the show in a mid-week eviction!

It was being anticipated that Anand Vijay Kumar, popular as VJ Andy, is one of the contenders who might have survived till the last day in this season of Big Boss. But the news about Andy’s eviction comes as a shocker for city fans.

Andy has always been in the limelight and liked for his sense of humour and an entertaining personality. However, he was infamous as a prime ‘gossiper’ in the house and it has always been assumed he is ‘best-friend’ to no one.

He was eliminated in the mid-week eviction on Tuesday night.

Andy, along with the other contestants Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee was nominated for the eviction. Sangram Singh was not a part of the elimination after he chose the mysterious briefcase and was selected as the first finalist.

Andy`s elimination will surely shock all those people who were supporting him all this while, including actor Kamal R Khan, who was sure about the contestant`s win.

Akshay Rathi, an MBBS student says, “Andy was a deserving candidate. Instead of him Ajaz should’ve been eliminated. He was always supportive to everyone, and has never abused anyone. His tone has consistently been respectful, which should be the base of anyone’s behaviour. He should’ve stayed.”

Nisha Dey, a student, who has never missed a single Big Boss episode, says, “I’ve always liked Andy for being a chameleon, as at the end of the day this is show, and one needs to strategize in order to win! Hence I feel is one of the factors which must’ve been a key TRP grabber in these final three days has gone!”

Rachna Panse, a private executive being a Big Boss lover, said, “He was playing well. Till date he has maintained his levels of friendship with everyone and never kept grudges.”

However, Himanshoo Govindani, Nagpur Photographer, in negation to the above views says, “I’m personally very happy that he got eliminated, as the ‘Channel V –VJ Andy Impression’ that I had in mind previously has completely changed after watching him in Big Boss. He is spineless as well, I feel.”

With just three days remaining to ‘Bigg Boss Grand Finale’, the curiosity amongst the crowd has increased, and Andy should’ve stayed, say most parts of Nagpur, as also it would’ve been fun to watch his reactions-cum-over-reactions over various last minute incidences.

Now, let’s see who amongst the final contestants Gauahar, Tanishaa, Ajaz and Sangram takes away the Reward!