Vishal Muttemwar takes lead to appeal support for his father

Nagpur Today: Vishal Muttemwar, the son of Vilas Muttemwar continued the work of his father and was seen during the Padyatra. People welcomed him too and assure support and votes to his father Vilas Muttemwar.

Nagpur Today trailed the Padyatra of Vilas Muttemwar on the 10th day.

09:00 am: Venu Corner, Manewada


09:20 am: Pragati Nagar


10:00 am: Jhuna Babulkheda, Basanth Nagar

DSC_1765 (1)

10:45 am: Bhagwan Nagar


11:05 am: New Balaji Nagar


11:30 am: Mahatma Fule Nagar