Viral Audio: CP Amitesh Kumar wants to arrange beds for Covid positive cops in an hour!

Nagpur: From the medicines prescription that are useful in prevention of novel Corona Virus, to directing senior police officials to find hospital beds for the cops who have been infected with the virus borne disease on Sunday, the Nagpur Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar is addressing the havoc wrecked by the pandemic from the fornt.

Speaking to all police officers over a wireless call, the Top Cop on Sunday said, “Within 60 minutes, I repeat within 60 minutes, over and out, carry on control.” Kumar called each cop a ‘Covid warrior’, and made it mandatory for senior inspectors of police stations and zonal Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) to arrange hospital beds for any cop with Covid-19 within an hour.

The call came after Kumar was stunned to hear Dr Sandeep Shinde, chief medical officer of the police hospital, was having a difficult time arranging beds for four cops requiring hospitalization. Even during the review meeting, an exasperated Kumar thundered over the wireless, giving a deadline to Senior PIs and DCPs till 4pm to arrange beds.

Kumar said he would himself take up the cause after 4pm and speak to the NMC chief for beds if the deadline is not met by the senior officers. He also assured monetary assistance, including advances, reimbursements and footing all medical bills, in the wireless call.

As of now, 559 cops have tested positive, with another 258 members of their families. So far, nine city cops have died, another two in rural, and one from state intelligence department.

“Please see, we are an important institution/organization in the city’ ,” Kumar said on the wireless. Kumar further said that constables are the main Covid warriors for whom a doctor (Dr Shinde) is hassled since last evening to arrange for four beds. He said it’s not known what senior officers like PIs and DCPs are doing when beds for ailing cops cannot be arranged.

“Tell me, if something happens to them (ailing cops) then who would be responsible? Only they or their family members, or we? Or you think that we have moral responsibilities for that? Please introspect all of you and take this personally in future,” Kumar told his senior officials.

Kumar also said hospitals in police plans should be preferred followed by government hospitals and later other private institutions for which he assured expenses would be borne by the department.

Cops were elated by Kumar’s wireless instructions to senior inspectors and DCPs, making them responsible for arranging bed and also promising monetary assistance for affected cops. Several of them sent recording of his voice on the wireless viral across Maharashtra’s social media. “Many in the control room had tears in their eyes after the wireless call ended,” said a constable.