Published On : Wed, Oct 15th, 2014

Violence mars city constituencies on poll eve


In a rare occurrence before any polls, this year the kin of candidates contesting Vidhan Sabha polls in Nagpur were attacked and beaten up. The younger brother of one of the prominent candidate of South West was badly beaten up and had to be admitted in a local hospital. He is still undergoing treatment.

The car of one of the candidates contesting from West Nagpur was smashed and ire taken out on the car.

The son of another prominent candidate contesting elections from North Nagpur too was beaten up by some members of other community.

These acts are one of the first recorded so far in Nagpur. In spite of all the arrangements to ensure a smooth voting in Nagpur and with a large number of cops present in the city, the kin of candidates having to bear the brunt of the hooligans or hoodlums speak loud of how totally unprepared they are to meet such kinds of violence. nagpur-election-volince