Vilas Muttemwar bounces back after a break!

Nagpur News.

Congress pick from Nagpur Lok Sabha Vilas Muttemwar continued his padyatra with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. After a rest for a day, Vilas Muttemwar, continued to reach out to the areas, People welcomed him too and assured support to Vilas Muttemwar.

Nagpur Today accompanied his padyatra of Vilas Muttemwar on the 11th day.


09:00 am: At Bajeria


09:35 am: At Mominpura


10:10 am: Near Garib Nawaz Masjid


10:40 am: At Babulkheda


11:10 am: At Bhankheda

 DSC_0037 (1)

11:30 am: At Timki