Vikas Thakre assures united Congress will flight NMC election under Panja


On one hand, it has become public knowledge that there is a difference of opinion among Congress leaders in the city, while on the other hand, City Congress Chief claims of all is well in the party. While dismissing the rumours of internal groupism among Congress leaders, City Congress Chief Vikas Thakre on Saturday, the November 5, 2016 said that there are some misunderstanding and difference of opinion which will soon be removed or sorted out amicably. Vikas Thakre has also dismissed the rumour that some leaders have decided to contest the polls separately under some other party or newly formed party. Vikas Thakre said that no Congress leader from the city has communicated either verbally or in writing that they intend to contest the polls independently or under some other party or newly formed party. He added that these are rumours and fictitious or work of imagination by some people. Some opponents or rivals are spreading such rumours only to create panic among the workers and activists of Congress party with political rivalry in mind.

Vikas Thakre with perty workers during protest against bogus voter list

Vikas Thakre with party workers during protest against bogus voter list

With the infighting and ample difference of opinion, the activists and party workers are in panic with the worry that what happened in 1997 when the Election Commission had frozen the open palm symbol-Panja due to the infighting among the party leaders. Vikas Thakre asserted that such a situation will not arise at all. He added that the party is united and will contest the upcoming NMC polls. The workers and activists are ready too. Vikas Thakre also said that the names of people spreading rumours should be made public. Before spreading any rumours or making any statement in public like this, one should get an authentic version of the leaders.  Vikas Thakre claimed that all the party workers and activists are busy in ensuring the party wins in the NMC polls. He added that there are booth-level meetings have already commenced. On November 19, 2016, all the leaders and workers of all Vidhan Sabha constituencies will be held. State and National level leaders are said to participate in the meeting.

Vikas Thakre said that in 1997 the Election Commission had frozen the open palm symbol-Panja but such situation will not arise now since the second-line leadership has already been created. He claimed that the party workers and activists have already started approaching every house and citizen and informing them about the failure of ruling party. All the Congress leaders and workers are working in unison to achieve the success in the NMC polls. After becoming the City Chief, he has informed and suggested to the State Chief to change all those office-bearers who have not attended more than three party meetings. He has also suggested the name of some very active persons for various posts (office-bearers) of city Congress party and informed that there is a list of more than 300 existing executive body members and other enthusiasts and party workers.

He went on to say that last month there were several programmes organized on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, but no one gave any anti-party statements anywhere. The city executive body has been constituted according to the wishes and desires of every leader. A few names have been changed or omitted too. However, if anyone suggested something the suggestions are always welcome and are accepted. He went on to claim that if there is a strong recommendation, they could be adjusted somewhere or the other.

Vikas Thakre claimed that no member of Executive Body of City Congress Party has tendered his resignation. He went on to add that when they did not issue any appointment letter, how can they resign? Vikas Thakre claimed that the party had conducted a survey and the results of the survey will soon be made public.

The Observer of City Congress Party Vijay Wadditiwar was prominently present in the press meet organized on Saturday the November 5, 2016. Vijay Wadditiwar said that all the rumours are the act of conspiracy by the rival political party. According to Vijay Wadditiwar, he will meet all the party leaders of the city who are angry or miffed and will resolve all differences amicably soon. Vikas Thakre and Vijay Wadditiwar claimed that Congress Party will win upcoming NMC Polls with absolute majority.


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