Video: Worms found in mid-deal meal in Nagpur, Organization calls it conspiracy to defame them

Nagpur: The Akshay Patra foundation, running mid-day meal scheme across the city is in the headlines again, of course for wrong reasons. The organization has been alleged of serving worm infected food to the students of Netaji Market based Hindi High School.

The school principal in a written complain has alleged that, on July 24 students had found worm in the meal for the first time. Following which the school administrators had contacted Akshay Patra Foundation. The organization then apologised for the irregularity and promised to be more cautions when it comes to serve food. However, just after a week same incident repeated, said the principal.

Student whom meal were served also confirmed that meal served to them were sub standard and indeed this incident has happend.

The surprise inspection conducted by RTE Action Committee Chairman, Shahid Sharif revealed cooked worm inside the food served at the school. Sharif has also alleged that the RTE Committee has found under cooked potatoes and rice Following which they called the Akshay Patra officials brought matter to fore.

It is likely to note that such irregularities have been previously surfaced regarding the contaminated food served by the Akshay Patra Foundation.

However, the officials of Akshay Patra foundation speaking to Nagpur Today have denied the allegation and called it conspiracy to defame them.

More to follow …