Published On : Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Video: When an “angry” young PSI loses cool and waves gun at people in Ramtek

Nagpur: An “angry” young Police Sub-Inspector deployed at Ramtek Police Station in Nagpur Rural lost his cool and went berserk at a function. Video of the “action filled drama” went viral and turning out be a topic of “hot” discussion.

The Police Sub-Inspector in “action” is Ananta Thakre, attached to Ramtek Police Station. The PSI Thakre to investigate a certain matter took a round of Ramtek area. During the round, an intense wordy duel erupted between some persons and the PSI at function. So much so that the PSI Thakre lost his cool and started hurling abuses on the villagers and even waved his service revolver in a threatening posture. The incident sparked panic and also triggered hurling of charges and counter charges against each other.

The said video clearly shows the said PSI wielding and waving his service revolver. Taking the matter seriously, Nagpur Today contacted the PSI Thakre and tried to dig out the truth. The PSI said that he was undertaking a raid in connection with liquor on February 6 and was in civil dress. A Nagarsevak (Councillor) of Ramtek Sanjay Bosmare was hosting a party for some outstation guests. Some guest were standing outside the venue and probably were inebriated. When he was passing through the road on his Splendour bike, he spotted a water pipe kept in the middle of the road, the PSI said.

“However, when my motorcycle went over the water pipe, the “drunk” guests immediately started creating ruckus and abused me in choicest words. When I told them that I am a police officer but still they continued with their rowdy behavior. They were assuming me a bogus policeman. As a last resort I removed my service revolver from holster and showed it to them in order to convince that I am indeed a police officer. One of the miscreant guests slyly videographed me waving the service revolver and made it viral. But the truth is totally different and our senior police officer has been informed about it. The incident has even been noted down in police diary,” the PSI Thakre clarified.

He further said that the Nagarsevak Sanjay Bosmare intervened in the matter and tendered an apology. He even castigated his guests for the ruckus. Bosmare knows me very well,the PSI Thakre said.