Published On : Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Video: Cops turn Shantinagar Police Station a gambling den!

No surprise the crime chart in the hometown of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari taking a stallion jump and the Orange City is being dubbed “Crime City.” When the “long hands” of police indulge in nasty acts other than curbing crimes it is but natural that murders, robberies, burglaries etc raise their ugly heads with impunity. A certain group of policemen deployed at Shantinagar Police Station has turned the police station a gambling den, openly. A video shows the ugly truth. And when policemen keep themselves busy in gambling, crimes of serious nature bound to grab headlines.

One “crime scene” is Shantinagar Police Station itself. The video shows policemen playing cards and gambling in thousands and cocking a snook (thenga dikhana) at the law. The playing of cards (gambling) is in the open. Naturally, without fear. Of higher ups and public.

When Nagpur Today confronted Senior Police Inspector of Shantinagar Police Station Balasaheb Khade, he said that he has received inputs about the nasty act of playing cards in police station. “I have sent a report to higher officials and apprised them about the shameful incident. Probe is underway. If the policemen are found guilty, they will not be spared,” Khade assured.

The said video has reportedly been made by a policeman of Shantinagar Police Station itself. The video has dented the image of city police in monstrous magnitude.