Published On : Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Video Watch : Siberian tiger drags woman to death!

A video footage of a full grown Siberian tiger sweeping away a woman from the road and then mauling her to death has gone viral on youtube. This video grab is actually taken from a CCTV footage of a Chinese wildlife park where the tiger pounced upon the woman and dragged her to the dense greens in the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World. The video shows few men and a forest jeep also rushed after the tiger to save the woman but all efforts proved to be futile.Another woman tried to help her but was badly injured when she was attacked by another tiger, local media reported.

Video of the incident suggested park rangers in a vehicle were on the scene within seconds, but they were unable to save the woman. The local Yanqing district government has confirmed the tiger attack, saying the injured woman is being treated for her injuries. Visitors are allowed to drive in their private vehicles in the wildlife park but are not allowed to step outside.