Published On : Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Now Shahrukh Khan says something derogatory about girls!

If there’s a freedom of expression, then there’s also freewheeling media keeping an eagle’s eye on what is uttered or remained unsaid about celebrity’s comments. So after Salman Khan, its Shahrukh Khan to face media heat for his alleged ‘slip of tongue.’

Shahrukh is known for his witty one-liners, raised eyebrows recently when he made a comment during an event — at the launch of Gunjan Jain’s book ‘She Walks, She Leads’, which traces the impressive growth and journey of extremely successful women.

The actor, who was giving a speech, noticed that Gunjan stood up while he was talking. As soon as he saw her stand up SRK is reported to have said, “Please don’t stand up, even if it’s politically incorrect, girls need to lie down when I talk to them. I am joking. Don’t take me seriously. I know just for this I am going to be in trouble now,” he said with a smile.

Although several of the guests sitting in the audience simply chuckled, some didn’t seem too pleased with the statement, which was said in jest. Lawyer and activist Abha Singh was among the few, who went on Twitter to share her thoughts. She wrote, “Attending a book launch in Taj where SRK said something derogatory about women. Hope media takes it up.”