Video: This cop turns social reformer, too, with his own patriotic lyrics & tunes!

Nagpur: The urge to do things differently sounds easier than done. But, if one takes a few steps forward and do things differently, it may not seem as painful. And this policeman has proved he is brand of a different cop. Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Pandit Meshram, attached to Nandanvan Police Station, has gone lyricist and singer, too, with patriotic touch. He has become a social reformer in his own style!

The ASI is serving the Police Department since past 32 years. But when he was 11-year old, music was his passion. His heart was beating do something for his passion. But service in Police Department means no spare time to dream. But when the great singer Kishore Kumar is an iconic inspiration for someone, who could stop one in accomplishing his dream. Time is not the constraint.

It all started when the ASI Pandit Meshram was struck with an idea in 2010. He thought that instead of singing a song of another singer it could be better proposition to pen down our own lyrics and sing them in the company of music. With the idea deep-rooted in his mind, Meshram started composing songs and jotted down in his diary in a list. The list flourished with the time and now has 38 songs he penned meticulously.

Significant to note, the ASI has written lyrics for some Marathi and Hindi films. Till now, he has penned songs for three Marathi films including “Gotyachi Kamal Sotyachi Dhamal” which was released in 2016. This film has four songs written by Meshram. This lyricist, working in Police Department since 1985, became member of Film Writers Association in 2010. But still, the ASI had desire to do something different.

However, being a policeman deprived him of much needed time. The daily dose of registering different kinds of complaints ranging from murders, rapes, robberies, et al was a routine for him. Addiction to various heady stuffs in youths was his special concern. This special concern gave birth to a social reformer who wanted to give a message to addicts, a musical but mighty message. The concept got blended in a song. He penned a “Nashamukti” song and gave his own voice to the song. But writing a song is not the only achievement. One has to do video, editing, and other chores to create a perfect song. And to create a perfect song needs money. The ASI withdrew money from his GPF account and came out with a video.

The video of the policeman singing a patriotic song in full gusto has gone viral on the social media. Every word in the song has a deep meaning. And the song is message, a meaningful message to the society.

The Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham has some encouraging words for ASI Pandit Meshram to do things differently.

The following lines of ASI Meshram show his passion to bring a change in the society, especially the addict society.

“Chhodo Bidi Ghutka,

Chhodo Daru Tambakhu,

Desh Ko Tumhari Hai Jarurat,

Ban Jao Balshali,

Sun Mere Bhai, Lao Khushali!!”

Sometimes, it isn’t as hard as we make it. The ASI Pandit Meshram has shown it with aplomb.

Our salute to the policeman.

—Ravikant Kamble