Published On : Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Video: Rs 1000! No, Rs 100. Ok. Cop caught on camera taking bribe from violator

If one needs a proof that cops demand and accept money from violators then here is one. It’s best to watch the video.

It’s Nakabandi time. A policeman, attached to Ajni Police Station, stops a biker, demands license and after taking license, demands insurance papers. The offender motorcyclist tells the cops that insurance papers are not with him. The policeman speaks in faint words and takes the biker to roadside away from Nakabandi spot and whispers that insurance fine is hefty — Rs 1000!.

The cop then himself advises the offender to settle the matter on the spot itself.

The traffic violator puts a price of the cop as Rs 100. And the head constable agrees with the price. The man fetches Rs 100 note from his wallet and the cop “snatches” the note swiftly and slyly. The note is then pushed under a register held by the cop. Both the “offenders” are happy and depart on their ways.

But the bribe giver and taker are totally unaware of a dreadful fact. Their acts were being recorded on a mobile phone. The incident happened on January 9 evening near Hanuman Nagar Basketball Ground in Nagpur.

The accused policeman is in deep trouble as stern action has been recommended against him. But giving bribe is also a crime. He should also face the music, loud and clear!