Published On : Wed, Jun 3rd, 2020

Video: Nagpur scribe croons to boost morale of Corona commandos

Nagpur: Renowned for his innovative story telling, Naresh Dongre, scribe of leading Marathi daily, recently has been in news for the recreation of soul soothing the song “कोरोना से चल रही देश में जंग है, जीत जाएंगे हम, सब अगर संग है।” The song is the tribute to front line corona warriors like doctors, police, sanitation workers and others and had taken the social media platforms by storm and has been applauded by many.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Naresh Dongre discussed how the agony of people suffering from the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) inspired him in creating of this song.

“Several countries regardless of their economic strength and healthcare have faced difficult situations due to the coronavirus crisis. However, the joint efforts of our doctors, nurses, police personnel, sanitation workers, press and others played a key role in combating COVID-19. And I wanted to convey my regards to these brave warriors, who are working selflessly for the benefit of nation itself,” says Dongre.

The night is darkest just before the dawn. Until then we have to stick together in the benefit of the society. By just following the norms set by the Administration, I can assure you we will surely overcome this tragic time. And doing so the bright future will again stare at us,” Dongre assured.