Video: Nagpur Police apprehend 10 couples for inquiry into passport scam that has seen 50 Indian youth disappear in UK


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Nagpur: Police are investigating a passport-visa racket in Nagpur that has enabled several youth, age between 18 to 24, enter the United Kingdom and disappear over the last two-three years. More than 50 youth with passports from Nagpur have been untraceable after entering the UK, the British High Commission has informed police.

Issuing a statement to media today Joint CP, Bodhke said the modus operandi was simple.

Different couples would travel to the UK on either Visitor or Business visa with youth they claimed were their children. (Passports of these ‘kids’ were in the family name.)

After some days the ‘parents’ would return to India, alone.

When the tenure of the visa got over, the Immigration Department of UK tried to locate these missing youth who had stayed back in UK but they had vanished in thin air!

All such parents and kids had passports issued from Nagpur Passport office with apparently fraudulent documents like birth certificates, School leaving certificates etc. So blatantly did they cheat, that in one case there was a difference of just 3 months between two ‘biologically born’ kids of one couple!

The names of these ( fictitious ) parents are as follows:

Rajendra and Gurmeet Atwal
Rulda Singh Gurjar and Parmeet Kaur
Journal and Surinder Singh
Piyara and Jarwinder Kaur Singh
Satweersingh Dhotra and Manjeet Singh
Nishant Singh and Satwant
Kashmir Singh and Manjeet
Ajeet Singh and Nirmal
Balbeersingh Multani and Jaswinder

Cases against section 465, 467, 468, 471, 420, 474 and 34 of the Passport Act have been registered against them.

They will be questioned about the where abouts of their ‘missing children.’