Video : Locust attack in Katol, other districts, adds to farmers’ distress

Nagpur: 46 years after it ravaged the farms in many areas of Vidarbha, the mighty swarms of locusts, probably in lakhs, spread over the skies in rural areas of Nagpur, Amravati, Katol, Wardha and many parts of Vidarbha on Monday evening. The latest locust attack added to worries of farmers who were already struggling to go through Covid-19 crisis. The huge cluster of flying species of grasshoppers reportedly damaged many vegetables and orange crops.

On Monday evening, a resident of Katol Pranay Kherde also noticed the locust tsunami passing over his head. “These must be probably in crores with a large spread upto as long as you can see. Their numbers were huge enough to spell doom over standing crops,” he added.

Kherde also shared a video of the species cluttering up the skies over him, along with few photographs.
Besides the locusts also swarmed into Narkhed and various areas of Amravati and Wardha districts.

The previous attack of locusts in Vidarbha was reported in 1974.