Published On : Mon, Apr 1st, 2024

Video: Inmates using videos from Nagpur Jail’s ‘Mulakat Room’ to threaten citizens, operate networks!


Nagpur: The law and order situation in Maharashtra Home Minister’s city appears to be deteriorating as criminals are resorting to unique methods to establish their presence on social media, even from within Nagpur Central Jail, in order to threaten gullible citizens for extortion and to operate their criminal networks.

In a video obtained by Nagpur Today, a criminal lodged in Nagpur Central Jail, identified as Pawan Dhiraj Hiranwar, can be seen writing something on his wrist while engaged in a phone call with a relative from the Central Jail’s ‘Mulakat Room’. It is worth mentioning that mobile phones are strictly prohibited within the ‘Mulakat Room’.

According to sources, criminals confined in jails often employ such tactics to intimidate citizens into extortion and to even intimidate other inmates.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, Vaibhav Agey, Nagpur Jail Superintendent confirmed that prima facie, the video appears to have been recorded in the ‘Mulakat Room’ within the jail premises.

“The video certainly appears to be from the Central Jail premises. The footage seems to have been captured in the ‘Mulakat Room’ where family members can meet with the inmates. However, the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. We have promptly taken note of the situation and ordered an inspection of the CCTV footage to identify the individual who recorded the video,” SP Agey stated.

“Nagpur Central Jail officials are vigilant in ensuring no irregularities occur within the jail premises. Strict action will be taken against anyone found complicit in this matter,” the SP assured.

– Shubham Nagdeve