Video: GMC students put up vibrant show at Ganesh festival ‘Utkansh’

Don’t get mistaken by their academic orientation and the college they belongs to! These guys have the knack for music and dance too! They are ready to take the audience by storm once they hit the stage. Well, we are talking about the future doctors pursuing their MBBS from Government Medical College in Nagpur. They are as much the culture aficionados as they are studious.

This was quite evident as we hit the GMC campus to grab a look and feel of their 5-day festival Utkansh, to welcome Lord Ganesha. Syncing in with the festive spirit, the students, mostly from second year, presented a power packed show at Utkansh.

The students formed the groups to put up vibrant performances on festive beats that enthralled one and all!

Where they had culturals events in the form of competition, the fervour is certainly overflowing.

They also spread awareness about Zumba dance with Zumba Trainer Madhumita Gubra.

Nonetheless, the students also prayed to Bappa to help them get through their exams, alongside all the revellery.

“After all, its all about the unity among us which we have got to display through seeking divine blessings together”, quips

Samruddhi Tarodkar, a second year MBBS student.