Published On : Mon, Oct 16th, 2017

Video: Gittikhadan cops seize lakhs during raid on gambling den but show ‘only’ Rs 8380 on papers


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Nagpur: A ‘secret’ raid by Gittikhadan police on a gambling den has put the cops in a tight spot rather than winning accolades. It is learnt that the raiding cops had recovered over Rs 2.50 lakh but on the paper the amount was shown as ‘only’ Rs 8380. Moreover, the accused gamblers who were rounded up were allegedly forced to cough up over Rs 3 lakh for ‘sparing’ them of further action and also for not revealing their names in newspapers. It simply means that the cops pocketed over Rs 5 lakh by hooks and crooks in the ‘secret raid.’

According to sources, in the ‘secret’ raid on the gambling den, led by Gittikhadan PSI Santosh Wakde, 18 gamblers were rounded up. The raid itself is under shadow of doubt as the raiding cops allegedly recovered around Rs 3.30 lakh from the netted gamblers on the condition that their names would not be exposed in the newspapers. And by showing ‘only’ Rs 8380 as seized money, the cops also ‘played a dubious game’ with Rs 2.50 seized actually. But for the “bad luck” of the cops, an ‘innocent’ accused clicked the entire episode in his mobile phone and ‘exposed’ the cops themselves.

Acting on a tip off that a gang of gamblers were busy in the act at an open ground in front of house of person named Sonu in Mahesh Nagar, a team of Gittikhadan cops had raided the place on Saturday night. The accused gamblers were detained and brought to the police station.

According to sources, the raiding cops failed to nab the mastermind operating the gambling den in an open ground at a time when the gamblers were ‘invited’ for the games through Whatsapp and mobile phones.

Version of Joint CP Shivaji Bodkhe:
The Joint Commissioner of Police Shivaji Bodkhe said that the issue is serious one and warrants an in-depth investigation. Those found guilty in the probe would be dealt with sternly. Appropriate action will be taken in the matter.