Video : Even one way around KP ground fails to clear traffic chaos at Sadar flyover

Nagpur: Even as MahaMetro devised yet another trick to do away with the Sadar flyover traffic chaos resulting in flyover’s Kamptee road landing near RBI square, the traffic woes are far from over! Now with the road around KP ground is made one way as a means to decongest traffic at the end of Sadar flyover, the nuisance of vehicles has now climbed onto Sadar flyover. Don’t believe us! Watch it for yourself

With the new arrangement the vehicular traffic moving from RBI to LIC square needs to take turn towards Liberty Cinema and then turn right towards LIC square. But the smart commuters have yet another way up their sleeves to dodge this arrangement.

On Friday, Nagpur Today lensman captured a flurry of vehicles hastily taking U-turn from some distance after climbing the flyover and landing back to the same square to turn left to LIC square. This only added to further congestion for the vehicles moving on flyover, particularly those approaching towards the flyover’s RBI square ending.

Is MahaMetro watching? Some other way please!