Published On : Tue, Jul 7th, 2015

Video Check: An Epic example of a school girl’s stand against eve teasing!


Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh witnessed an epic example of a school girl’s stand against eve teasing, and how!

According to the girl, the man used to harass her daily on her way to college. Not just her, but also a few of her other mates. The girl finally decided to teach the pervert a striking lesson, and not just did she lodge a complaint at the police station, but also smacked the accused hard. Let’s see how! The incident took place today.

Where on one hand, the video went viral and gathered numerous supporters, on the other hand there were comments that displayed sympathy for the accused, raising questions over the policeman watching a man being beaten. One such public comments was, “It’s simply ugly, very indecent assault on a captured man watched by the uncivilized Policeman, it looks like a law of the Jungle, don’t they have courts in India? Don’t they have Judges in Uttar Pradesh? Don’t they go to school in Uttar Pradesh? Are they all ignorant people living in Uttar Pradesh? It’s a shame on all Indians and bring bad name for India as a whole around the world, please someone prosecute the fat ignorant pig Policeman.”