Published On : Wed, Sep 11th, 2019

Video : Chaat centre at Gurudeo Nagar sq, Nandanvan caught using puddle water

Nagpur:Beware before you set your tongue free to relish those spiced-up pani puri or tang up on chaat of your favourite chaat waala. You may never know where exactly the water, which they have flavoured with pani puri masala, is actually fetched from!

Well, to give you glance on what extent these small time kiosk vendors can go to play a dangerous game with your health, here’s a video which one of our alert readers has shared with us.

In the video, which has been claimed to be shot at Gurudeo Nagar Square, Nandanvan, a vendor of Mathurawasi Chaat Centre installed by the roadside, is clearly seen collecting water from the rain puddle and transferring it into the water can.

Swiftly doing his ill-willed act, he filled up the can and rushed back to the kiosk, however this time he was not so lucky! His act was captured in a video by this alert citizen.

At Nagpur Today, we take this video forward and request Food and Drug Administration to not only banish such elements but also set a precedent before others so that they think hundred times before committing such insane acts.