Video: As Mihan tiger makes its first kill, another sighting rumoured in Ambazari!

Nagpur: Is it tiger-tiger everywhere in Nagpur? As the chilly gust of winds seeps through the fringes of the city, a silent fear creeps into the minds of people treading across the lonely and bushy scapes of the city suburbs. Ever since the sighting of tiger was captured in the camera traps installed by the forest department in Mihan campus, the office-goers and commuters there are living in the constant fear of encountering the wildcat.

As the tiger made its first kill in Mihan – the freshly preyed body of a cattle was recovered from the abandoned premises of an IT firm in the campus, the forest department has decided to put up to machans to finally catch the animal before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, a leopard was to said to have been spotted on Ambazari garden road on Thursday morning. It was also said that upon spotting the leopard three gates of Ambazari garden were reportedly closed, however the news could not be confirmed.

The presence of leopard in Ambazari area was fuelled by some fresh pictures and videos which went viral throughout the day. In one of the pictures, a tiger was seen standing near the bushes by the roadside, while in another video the wild cat was seen gazing from the bushes.

However, the presence of leopard in Ambazari was not yet come confirmed but these wild animals have certainly become the talk of the town, with sighting of pugmarks in Mihan premises if not in Ambazari.

Video grab from Chandrapur Power Plant Area
Meanwhile, when Nagpur Today looked into the whereabouts of the video, it turned out to be from thermal power plant in Chandrapur. Sources informed that both the pictures and videos were shot in thermal power plant where the leopard was sighted.