Published On : Sun, Jun 4th, 2017

Vidarbha toppers Ishan Prayagi, Nandini Chalakh share their success mantra


Nagpur: The Class X results for CBSE has created the history of sorts in Nagpur division with astounding number of students joining the above 90 percent league. This clearly signals that competition is going to be tougher than ever. Two of the students, both from Narayana Vidyalayam, Nagpur – Ishan Prayagi and Nandini Chalakh went on to top the Vidarbha’s Merit List by scoring 99.4% each. This slot is also shared by another student from SVM Chandrapur Kartiki Degamwar who also scored the same.

As more and more aspiring students are looking up to them and get some practical inputs to perform better in their class 10th, Nagpur Today confronted them and put a volley of questions before them. Interestingly both of them are not on social media and least interested in social messaging applications like Whatsapp and Facebook.

In an Exclusive Interview with Nagpur Today, both Ishan Prayagi and Nandini Chalakh unfolded their study schedule which can help other students appearing in 10th to follow their path and unlock their real potential.


We separately spoke to Ishan Prayagi and Nandini Chalakh. Here are the excerpts

– What was your score in class IX?

Ishan Prayagi : It was 95%. Honestly speaking, I was not at all satisfied as the previous results were far better. I found myself weak in concepts. I decided I would make my concepts stronger for class 10th.

Nandini Chalakh : In class 9th, I scored 96.3%. My teacher told me that I was third in whole 9th.

– Which subject you found interesting in class 10th?

Ishan Prayagi : Though my parents asked me to take interest in every subject so that I can perform better in all of them, on personal note I find social sciences, particularly history interesting.

Nandini Chalakh : I found biology more interesting.

– Which subject made you work hard?

Ishan Prayagi : I found Mathematics hard and it required lots of practice. Even my teachers told me that it was not going to be that easy. Time management is very much important here. Even if you are perfect you may not be able to solve it fully without managing time. So firstly I learnt to solve the problems and second thing was time management.

Nandini Chalakh : I found Mathematics bit difficult. For that though I did not have to plan my studies, I paid more attention towards it.

– How many hours did you study every day?

Ishan Prayagi : The hours of study varied but on an average 4-5 hours. Some days there used to be tuition classes. Then there were  CCE activities, but I ensured to spare time for self studies on daily basis.

Nandini Chalakh : I consistently studied two hours daily. I was like jitna bhi padho full concentration se padho (whatever you study, study with full concentration).

– What was the major difficulty you overcame?

Ishan Prayagi : Major difficulty what I found was about writing the answers. You know everything but the examiner must understand the answer and evaluate accordingly. If the presentation is not proper you may end up losing marks. So giving answers in proper manner was a challenge for me.

Nandini Chalakh : Somewhere I used to consider myself inferior to others. Sometimes I felt I was not up to that level of studies. That was the thing which I had to overcome. But that feeling happened only sometimes. I just kept myself assuring that if I study well, then all will be well.

– Private tuitions or self study? Which one you will recommend?

Ishan Prayagi : Basically I find self study better. I went for tuitions because my parents wanted me to go. On personal note I find self study is the best. After all its you who have to studying and you should able to derive everything and you only have to find answers, make notes and remember. I think tuitions are helpful in generating the competitive spirit. I don’t find tuition classes that important at all.

Nandini Chalakh : I would say it has to be self study. Though I took private tuitions for three subjects- Maths, Science and Social Science, I needed only for Mathematics. Actually Social Science was included into that. Tuition helps in clearing doubt and I had all my doubts cleared. Second thing was practice exams which got me idea how questions would be asked in exams. Since I had my tuitions on alternate days, I got much time for self study when there would be off for tuitions.

– What are you looking forward to?

Ishan Prayagi : I am preparing for IIT-JEE and joined another coaching class from this year. Though I like history but I am looking forward to Engineering as the career perspective.

Nandini Chalakh : I am looking forward towards cracking NEET and that’s my only aim. I will study more than what I did, to achieve that goal.

– The credit of your success goes to?

Ishan Prayagi : My family support was excellent. Major contribution was of school and tuitions and then most importantly, my own hard work. My parents told me that concentration is important, whatever hours you study.

Nandini Chalakh : The credit goest to everyone who supported me. First of all my parents and then my class teacher, who used to scold me when I do not perform well.

– Your message to the aspiring students of class 10th? 

Ishan Prayagi : Smart studying is required. As a student we should not take pressure because if we take pressure, whatever we have learnt will go blank. We should be confident but not over confident.

Nandini Chalakh : Be consistent, believe in yourself and have confidence.