Published On : Tue, Oct 7th, 2014

Vidarbha may witness quick development if BJP wrests power & Fadnavis becomes CM


The stage is set, the bugle sounded and the battle has begun. Right at the outset it is difficult to say which way the wind will blow, as all outfits are strong in some region or the other. However, the way the Bharatiya Janata Party has launched its campaign blitz and convincing people to vote for single party rule for effective governance and overall development of the State, the chances of it coming to power appear bright. BJP is likely to outshine all other parties in Vidarbha, which would be sending a whopping 62 MLAs to the Assembly.

Moreover, five months after a highly successful Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is back to doing what he does best — working the crowds, wooing them with his one-liners and boundless energy. His request: Absolute majority for the BJP in Maharashtra. Kicking off his campaign for the October 15 assembly polls, Modi slipped easily into his role of champion vote-seeker.

A BJP Government in Maharashtra will naturally pave the way for rapid and sustained development in all the spheres of life. With BJP-led Government at the saddle in Centre, there will be no-hold-barred-flow of funds to the State for various pending as well as new projects. And most importantly, feasibility of carving out a separate Vidarbha State would appear distinct as BJP has always favoured creation of smaller states for good governance.

Considering the BJP coming to power in Maharashtra, then the focus will be on Chief Ministerial candidate. Name of Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis, President of the BJP in State, would be a topic of hot discussion. Or he may be the next Chief Minister!! And why not. Devendra Fadnavis is a rare brand of politician who is both, erudite and popular with the masses. He holds a Graduate Degree in Law from Nagpur University, a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management and a Diploma in Methods and Techniques of Project Management from D.S.E. Berlin. Since starting his political career in the mid nineties, in a short span, has become a respected political leader of the masses.

Devendra has played many leadership roles for both his political party as well as an elected representative of the people of Nagpur. He has served as an elected member on the Municipal Corporation of Nagpur for two consecutive terms, in 1992 and 1997. He has the distinction of being the second youngest Mayor ever in India, when he served as the First Citizen of Nagpur. He was also the only person to be re-elected and serve as the first ‘Mayor in Council’ of the State of Maharashtra. He has been elected Member of the Legislative Assembly, representing Nagpur, since, 1999.

With over 13 years of service as a representative of the people in the Maharashtra Assembly, he has been a part of various committees over the years, namely — Estimates Committee; Standing Committee on Urban Development and Housing; Rules Committee; Public Undertaking Committee, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (Water Supply).

Devendra Fadnavis is a seasoned public representative and has been recognised in several forums for his political acumen and skill. This ability has been recognized both nationally and internationally, as he has many awards to his credit including one from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association for the ‘Best Parliamentarian Award’. He has been elected as a secretary of the Global Parliamentarian on Habitat.

Devendra is well-known for his intellectual analysis and thought leadership on several topics including those related with fiscal issues. His analysis of the annual national budget is eagerly awaited every year. His thoughts and ideas on how the economic divide between the poor and affluent can be bridged have been appreciated by experts. He has been invited to several international conferences to make presentations on topics like climate change and energy security.

With these qualities in abundance, it would not be a surprise if BJP gives a serious thought on handing over the responsibility of ruling Maharashtra to Devendra Fadnavis as the Chief Minister. And the fact that BJP is likely to sweep Vidarbha by bagging maximum seats and emerging winner with absolute majority in entire Maharashtra would certainly clear way for Fadnavis to occupy Chief Minister’s chair. BJP with majority will not only benefit the party but the State as well. A single party rule will bereft of all hurdles in implementing bold decisions and with Narendra Modi at the helm, BJP should be the right party to rule the State for the next five years.